Industry and Policy Experience

The World Bank Group, Washington DC 

Economist, Africa Gender Innovation Lab, World Bank Group

  • Design and conduct impact evaluation studies using experimental techniques (randomized control trials)

  • Evaluate interventions aimed at boosting women's economic empowerment 

  • Synthesize rigorous evidence on how to close gender gaps in earnings, productivity, assets, and agency

  • Disseminate research findings to national Governments, policymakers, and local partners

Research Consultant, East Asia and Pacific Gender Innovation Lab, World Bank Group

  • Evaluated impact of a conditional cash transfer program in the Philippines (covering over 4 million beneficiaries) on women’s empowerment and exposure to gender-based violence (GBV)

  • Authored project concept note; peer-reviewed by domain experts

  • Developed research design, built sampling strategy 

  • Designed survey instruments, including modules on socially-sensitive topics

  • Analyzed survey data using reduced-form techniques such as difference-in-difference and regression discontinuity

Consultant, Poverty and Equity Global Practice, World Bank Group

  • Conducted systematic review on Impact of Market Concentration on Welfare in a General Equilibrium Framework

  • Distilled findings, identified key gaps and  furnished recommendations for future research

Ministry of Health, Government of India (GoI),  New Delhi

Consultant, Technical Support Agency (Deloitte, India)

  • Provided technical and strategic support to GoI for its flagship public-health and nutrition programme

  • Led support team for 9 out of 36 states in India, including high priority states

  • Appraised state health plans and monitored quarterly progress against physical and financial targets

  • Recommended budgetary approvals to GoI deduced from rigorous gap analysis

  • Built state-capacity on target-setting and cost-effectiveness, raising resource utilization by 50%

  • Executed review missions and monitoring visits to states and districts

  • Conducted extensive fieldwork for a study on health procurement systems across India

  • Formulated recommendations based on findings; led to re-vamp in nation-wide procurement guideline

Research Positions

The George Washington University, Washington DC

Research Assistant to Stephen Smith , Elliot School of International Affairs

  • Reviewed and systematized empirical evidence base on policies to augment socio-economic outcomes in developing countries

  • Recommended analogous interventions for lagging areas in United States, based on review’s findings

  • Findings compiled in a policy proposal for Brookings-Hamilton project ‘Development Economics Meets the Challenges of Lagging U.S. Areas’

  • Executed data collation and econometric analysis for a cross-country analysis across 200 countries to examine the determinants of work councils and employee board representation

Indian Council for Research on International Economic Relations (ICRIER),  New Delhi

Research Assistant to Director, ICRIER

  • ​Undertook feasibility studies, ex-ante/ex-post policy analysis, qualitative stakeholder consultations

  • Authored policy-brief: Impact of Indo-US Preferential Market Access policy on India’s ICT sector

  • Built research framework for study on Use of Renewable Energy to set up Telecom Towers in rural India

  • Analyzed firm-level data for paper, ‘Promoting Services Export from India: Challenges & Opportunities’

  • Conceptualized discussion agenda for ICRIER’s first International Conference on Telecom

Teaching Positions
  • Econometrics I (PhD), TA for Robert Phillips  - (Fall 2018)

  • Principles of Mathematics for Economics, Instructor (Fall 2016 & 2017, Spring 2017 & 2018)

  • Principles of Microeconomics, TA for Henry Terell (Spring 2016)

  • Development Economics (only grading responsibilities) for James Foster (Spring 2016)

  • Principles of Microeconomics, TA for Irene Foster (Fall 2015)

  • Intermediate Microeconomics (only grading responsibilities) for Bryan Boulier (Fall 2015)