Teaching Positions
  • Econometrics I (PhD), TA for Robert Phillips  - (Fall 2018)

  • Principles of Mathematics for Economics, Instructor (Fall 2016 & 2017, Spring 2017 & 2018)

  • Principles of Microeconomics, TA for Henry Terell (Spring 2016)

  • Development Economics (only grading responsibilities) for James Foster (Spring 2016)

  • Principles of Microeconomics, TA for Irene Foster (Fall 2015)

  • Intermediate Microeconomics (only grading responsibilities) for Bryan Boulier (Fall 2015)

Research Positions

Consultant, East Asia and Pacific Gender Innovation Lab, World Bank 

  • Evaluating the impact of a conditional cash transfer program in Philippines (covering over 4 million beneficiaries) on women’s empowerment and exposure to gender-based violence (GBV)

  • Authored project concept note; peer-reviewed by domain experts

  • Developed research design, built sampling strategy 

  • Designed survey instruments, including modules on socially-sensitive topics

  • Analyzed survey data using reduced-form techniques such as difference-in-difference and regression discontinuity

Research Assistant to Stephen Smith , Elliot School of International Affairs, GWU

  • Reviewed and systematized empirical evidence base on policies to augment socio-economic outcomes in developing countries

  • Recommended analogous interventions for lagging areas in United States, based on review’s findings

  • Findings compiled in a policy proposal for Brookings-Hamilton project ‘Development Economics Meets the Challenges of Lagging U.S. Areas’

  • Executed data collation and econometric analysis for a cross-country analysis across 200 countries to examine the determinants of work councils and employee board representation

Consultant, Poverty and Equity Global Practice, World Bank 

  • Conducted systematic review on Impact of Market Concentration on Welfare in a General Equilibrium Framework

  • Distilled findings, identified key gaps and  furnished recommendations for future research

Industry Experience

Ministry of Health, Government of India (GoI),  New Delhi

Consultant, Technical Support Agency (Deloitte, India)

  • Provided technical and strategic support to GoI for its flagship public-health and nutrition programme

  • Led support team for 9 out of 36 states in India, including high priority states

  • Appraised state health plans and monitored quarterly progress against physical and financial targets

  • Recommended budgetary approvals to GoI deduced from rigorous gap analysis

  • Built state-capacity on target-setting and cost effectiveness, raising resource utilization by 50%

  • Executed review missions and monitoring visits to states and districts

  • Conducted extensive fieldwork for a study on health procurement systems across India

  • Formulated recommendations based on findings; led to revamp in nation-wide procurement guidelines


Indian Council for Research on International Economic Relations (ICRIER),  New Delhi

Research Assistant to Director, ICRIER

  • ​Undertook feasibility studies, ex-ante/ex-post policy analysis, qualitative stakeholder consultations

  • Authored policy-brief: Impact of Indo-US Preferential Market Access policy on India’s ICT sector

  • Built research framework for study on Use of Renewable Energy to set up Telecom Towers in rural India

  • Analyzed firm-level data for paper, ‘Promoting Services Export from India: Challenges & Opportunities’

  • Conceptualized discussion agenda for ICRIER’s first International Conference on Telecom